Weekend wrap-up: Aug. 7-8

Aug 11
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This was championship weekend in Chicago, with Saturday's Grayslake Cycling Classic extra meaningful for anyone with an Illinois Cup standing on the line and ABR giving away state criterium championships in Wood Dale on Sunday. Some highlights:

  • » IS Corp has rolled thick all year and owned the Wisconsin Cycling Association series -- in the WCA's team competition it earned three times as many points as 2nd place -- and it brought its playbook south to the P/1/2's race in Grayslake, getting Kyle Jacobson and Tristan Schouten up the road and onto the podium, where they were joined by Liam Donoghue (XXX Racing-AthletiCo). Dave Moyer (XXX Racing-AthletiCo) and Bryan McVey (ReCycling) were head-to-head for the Illinois Cup championship, but both finished out of the points, so Moyer wins that crown.
  • » It appears Jeannie Kuhajek (Team Mack) and Stacy Appelwick (Bouledogue Tout Noir) have a decent rivalry going. They finished 1-2 in both the women's 3/4's and the women's open, with Appelwick taking 3/4's, Kuhajek the open. (Illinois Cup honors, however, go to Jessi Prinner (ABD) in the open and Cathy Frampton (Project 5) in the 3/4's.) The next day Kuhajek would beat Appelwick again in Wood Dale after they broke away together in the women's open there.
  • » Thanks to the work of Kuhajek and others, Team Mack gets to celebrate the Illinois Cup team competition, earning 775 points to the South Chicago Wheelmen's 734.
  • » Burnham Racing called in reinforcements to defend Chris Curran's lead in the 3's, but after a late-race neutralization, David Reyes (Bloomington) finished 2nd to Victor Rentas (Team G Force) to take the title by one point.
  • » Chris Mosora (Verizon Wireless) won the 40+ at Grayslake, less than 48 hours after winning the prestigious Roger Delanghe trophy on the Northbrook Velodrome.
  • » Quentin Capista (Project 5) had a pretty good weekend. He won the 4's race to take the Illinois Cup by two points over Mike Rickey (Wild Card Cycling), who finished 4th. The next day, Capista won out of the break in Wood Dale to take ABR's state championshp. (He'll start racing as a 3 in Glencoe.)
  • » Wayne Simon (Verdigris) was also two-for-two, winning the 50+ in both Grayslake and Wood Dale.
  • » Scott Pearson (Start2Finish) won the P/1/2/3 at Wood Dale after lapping the field with Rob Kelley (Bicycle Heaven). Marek Serafin (PACT/Dish Network) was the first 3 to finish to take that jersey.
  • » A day after a top 10 at the 40-44 masters national championships in Louisville, Mike Heagney (Vision Quest) doubled up in Wood Dale, winning the 30+ and 40+.
Full Grayslake results. Full Wood Dale results.

Grayslake reports Arron Hampton (Psimet; 4): "I wanted to drive us back to the pack, but the pack was flying and few were interested."

Dan Pollard (Spidermonkey Cycling; 4): "Coming into the finishing straight I was in 2nd place. I didn't look back."

Matt Riezman (Spidermonkey Cycling; 5): "For one time in the history Cat 5 bike racing, the pace sped up in the bell lap."

Jared Rogers (XXX Racing-AthletiCo; 4, 30+): "You’d be surprised just how much of a difference a cheer can make when your body is breaking down underneath you."

Scott Rosenfield (IS Corp; P/1/2): "Our plan was simple: Attack and win."

Mike Shea (Spidermonkey Cycling; 3): "The four-lap sprint didn’t go well for me. I didn’t have the mustard to move up."

Tim Speciale (Psimet; 3): "As soon as the whistle blew the field sprinted from the line into a long strung-out line of riders."

Andrew Zens (Spidermonkey Cycling; 4): "The pavement won today."



Aug 11

8:57 am

Matt R (Rhythm Racing)

Is that a typo in the Cat 5 results from Wood Dale? or the most outrageous sandbagging of the year?  It looks like someone took the whole “race any category” a bit too seriously.


Aug 11

9:15 am

Tim Speciale (Enzo's Racing)

Actually Matt, Jared was denied his request to not race as a 5.  All those cat 5’s can think Vince for not giving Jared the upgrade and essentially taking away any chance at winning that race.

It’s noted in my race report


Aug 11

9:23 am

Matt R (Rhythm Racing)

Wah wahh.  PSIMET take a shot on CBR for no reason again.  My apologies Jared and PSIMET.


Aug 11

9:26 am

Tim Speciale (Enzo's Racing)

PSIMET accepts your apology by offering you a free set of Carbon Tubulars, with a SL+. 

You’ll have to talk to Rob about it, but just tell him I sent you.


Aug 11

10:40 am

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Unattached)

I love ABR races at Wooddale as much as anybody (probably more, actually), but ABR needs to get it’s officiating together.  A lapped pack should always sprint on the same lap as the leader(s).  And the lap counter should always show the laps left for the LEADERS.  The fact that the two breakaway riders received conflicting information on when, exactly, the race would finish is not a good thing.


Aug 13

12:22 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (PSIMET Racing)

(So now I have a CBR account)  I even told the offical I wouldn’t try and win the race and that I would just sit in (to be fair), but he said to try and win and then he would possibly let me race the 4’s and said no to the 3’s.  Out of sheer anger I took all the primes as well.  Nuff said.


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