The Pavé Liga: Thinking Through the Scoring

Mar 11
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What’s it going to take to win The Pavé Liga? The basics aren’t complicated:  each team gets points from its top ten finishers plus one point for every teammate who is out of the scoring but still contributes (called participation points, up to a maximum of 10 per team at each race.)  It doesn’t matter what categories you race, how big the team is, gender, age, etc. When it gets really interesting though is when you start thinking about the dynamics of how each of the scoring components work.  Results points are determined by how big the field is, so the bigger the field, the more points.  But a bigger field means more competition.  Every field gets the same 15, 10, 5 podium bonus, so a smaller women’s or junior’s fields that don’t get as many result points can still contribute significant overall points.  While only the top 10 pointer earners count towards the team points, having a big team still gives an advantage to team tactics and up to 10 extra participation points.  There are 15 Pavé Liga races over the season so consistency matters – a lot.  We have no idea what the winning combination will be – there are countless scenarios.  Here’s how last year’s Spring Super Crit would have turned out:



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