Race Preview: 13th Annual Hillsboro-Roubaix (2014)

Apr 19
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Hillsboro-Roubaix is here - next Saturday, April 26th.  Get pre-registered - and if you need a rideshare.

The Course: Here is a course map.  Deceptively challenging, with 750+ ft. vertical gain per lap, mostly power rollers.Volunteers do a great job at sweeping, but these are farm roads with many sections of loose gravel and pot holes. First 10 miles are fast, with some early nervousness as large fields settle into their tempo. Wind is usually the defining factor, with late-first lap breaks the move du jour. The run into town features a drawn out power climb that can cause a selection.  If a sizable group comes into the finishing circuit, race tactics have to change to crit-syle.   

The Finish: The finish circuit is technical, requiring patience and careful bike handling.  About 2 miles, with a punchy stair step, followed by a blazing fast decent into rough roads and brick pave. The climb is steep and narrow, with a lot of position jockeying as the climbers move up. With a quick final step and tight off camber left turn, the group descends at 35+ , with the power guys retaking position.  A big bump transition to the bricks is where crashes can happen, as well as the second to final corner with jagged bricks.  The brick pave drag is pure power where you have to establish position into the final corner.  A 300m sprint is usually determined by the last turn - most are in survival mode.


Teams to Watch:  See who’s registered.  H-R is a Midwest classic, so teams come from all over.  Missouri / St. Louis is a big draw.  Based on pre-registration, here are top team reps: xXx=19 (PL standings: 1st), Half Acre=12 (PL:19th), Wild Card=11 (PL:24th), VeloForce (Mo.)=10, Quantum Mesa=9, BFF=9.  Other notables for Pave Liga: Bonkers=8 (PL:3rd), Burnham=7 (PL: 7), EGO=3 (PL:2)  For Pave Liga Team Championship standings, we see the potential for some reshuffling!

[more to come…]



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