Pavé Liga: A Team Cycling Championship

Jan 17
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Pavé Liga. translation: Paved road league.  CBR translation:  kick ass competitive cycling league where teams compete for road racing bragging rights!  Modeled on the English Premier League, the Pavé Liga brings the team aspects of competitive cycling to the forefront, giving everyone a way to contribute to their team’s success.  We’ve been  working on the idea of a team based competition ever since we revived CBR, and after talking to some very smart people (thanks Jon Knouse!) - and most importantly our racing mates—we knew the time was right.  Check out the the Pavé Liga website for more information, and a running list of committed teams.  We are working out the details so keep checking the site, and send us an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to get on our contact list.  And follow us on Twitter at @paveliga. More to come…



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