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Sep 26
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  • » Two opportunities to volunteer for studies and get some end-of-season performance data: Brett Peterson of UIC is looking for cyclists to be tested in LaGrange, as is the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Barrington. Scott Van Maldegiam (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks) blogs about the Gatorade experience at his new blog.
  • » One of the riders in this week’s VeloNews photo contest winner is a certain member of XXX Racing-AthletiCo. Not to be braggy, but within six months the same person has been both the winning photographer and part of the winning subject. (The Snake Alley photo was taken about 30 seconds before I crashed and broke my clavicle. I did not have a good day.)
  • » Cyclists have it bad around Chicago, but at least we don’t live in L.A. or Beverly Hills. (Thanks, Matt.)
  • » “Train and race so hard you sweat, vomit and bleed lactic acid.” Chicago’s loss will be Des Moines’ gain and Iowa’s bane. Good luck, Jen. In other transfer news, I understand that two of the most coveted Cat 4 sandbaggers have made arrangements with Flatlandia and Team Clif Bar Midwest, but I’ll leave it to them to make official announcements.
  • » A grand tour passing through Indianapolis and Carbondale? I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • » I just about melted when I saw this video of a busy Dutch intersection that gets along fine without traffic lights. So many bike commuters! Cars and bikes getting along! The world as it ought to be! (Thanks, Payton.)
  • » Somewhat related: Copenhagen Girls on Bikes.



Sep 26

1:47 pm

Jeffrey Wat

The first story about riding in L.A. was so infuriating, I couldn’t even get through the second one.  Is there some literature about sharing the road out there that I can hand out to co-workers so I can feel like I am making a difference; something that ends with, “remember, those affected could be a friend, family member or loved one.  Drive/ride safe.”


Sep 26

2:38 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You love to call me a sandbagger! I just became a cat 4 a couple months ago. Put in a good word with Dave for me and I will see you in the 3’s next year. Anyway, its official, i signed with Flatlandia. They made me an offer that i could not pass up, a spot in heaven! Mr. Meshberg has a lot of pull with the man upstairs.


Sep 26

2:43 pm


There’s good stuff from the League of Illinois Bicyclists, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the League of American Bicyclists.

Personally, I get dizzy and tired trying to explain our rights to drivers who either think that cyclists who merely slow at stop signs are a bigger problem than bad drivers (as if there is a driver in the entire Cook County who obeys every single stop sign and speed limit) or think we should stick to riding our bicycles on the sidewalk. (Or the “bike oval.”)


Sep 27

12:38 pm


Ah, Copenhagen….when are we all moving there?  Congrats Ted, getting support for your great riding has been a long time coming!  I will think about those two things to keep my mind occupied away from stories from L.A.


Sep 27

3:20 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I almost screamed at my computer as I read those 2 stories from L.A. This city was already at the top of my list of “places I never EVER need to visit again” but now I’m even more disgusted. I’m still so angry I’m shaking.


Sep 27

7:16 pm


Actually, I lived in Los Angeles for the last 5 years before moving to Chicago and I can say that I did not experience any more problems with motorists there than I have anywhere else.  If anything, I consider Los Angeles one of the premiere cycling destinations due to the numerous mountain roads available for riding (including many that are off-limits to motor traffic).  Of course, that being said, there are also definitely roads that I would avoid.  Wilshire and Sunset are two that I have ridden that I would certainly not recommend (especially in rush hour).  I often commuted to work from my house in Los Angeles to my office in Burbank.  I found it to be a better way to get around than driving most of the time.


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