Dickey faces suspension over TUEs

May 19
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Prolific Midwest racer Duane Dickey (Mercy-Specialized) says he expects a two-year suspension and possibly a lifetime ban after refusing a drug test when the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency visited his home in Cokato, Minn.

Dickey was first suspended in 2002 for testing positive for phentermine, boldenone and nandrolone at the 2001 Tour of Guatemala. In the years that followed he endured medical calamity after calamity, as documented in this magazine story, including the removal of a brain tumor, removal of his colon and multiple surgeries to repair a twisted intestine. He nonetheless returned to competitive cycling and in 2006 received a three-year therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for the drug regimen he now had to follow. He says he re-applied to start the 2009 season, but USADA never issued the exemption, instead demanding additional medical information. This year he re-applied. "Once again they kept asking for more," he says. "I didn't understand this as nothing has changed with my health and it never will change, at least not for the better." In early April, his doctor's office faxed the requested information to USADA. USADA had not yet issued him his TUEs when it arrived Tuesday, May 11, for out-of-competition testing. Knowing he would test positive, Dewey says, he declined, and as a result he was told to sign a form acknowledging that he faced a two-year ban. "Maybe that was a bad choice, but it's too late now." Dickey says this was the first time he has ever been asked to be tested in the United States. Monday, less than a week after the visit, Dickey received e-mail saying his three-year TUEs had been approved. "The whole thing just seems weird to me," Dickey told me last week. "Why would they come after me like that? They knew I didn't have my TUEs in place, yet they came anyway knowing I would either not take the test or test positive." In 2008 Dickey won both the P/1/2 and the 30+ at the prestigious Snake Alley Criterium. In what may have been the last race of his career, Dickey won the P/1/2/3 race at Sunday's State Fair Criterium in Des Moines, Iowa. The week before he placed 3rd in the time trial and 5th overall in the 1/2's at the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas. On May 1, Dickey raced the P/1/2 Circuit of Sauk in Wisconsin. A rider in the chase group tells me that after a long, devastating pull to start the last lap, Dickey said "Have a good race" to his fellow riders, turned around and returned to the start/finish area.



May 19

3:55 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If everything is as said….thats pretty jacked imo


May 19

5:21 pm

John Wilke

Hope all turns out okay, Dewey.


May 19

8:13 pm

thesuperrookie (Grumpy's/LGR)

Keep your head up Dewey.

-#1 fan


May 20

4:31 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I’ve never met Duane Dickey and I can’t imagine living with a devastating chronic illness.  That said, I am sick of dishonorable and cheating athletes stealing the limelight and results away from other competitors.  I am tired of hearing rationalizations and partial admissions.  I hope there weren’t too many disappointed riders comparing themselves to a doper.  I hope there weren’t too many riders who missed out on opportunities or podium spots.  I hope the men and women of anti-doping agencies continue their work in the face of naive and false criticism.  There, I said it.  Now let me have it!


May 21

7:49 am

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Verizon Wireless)

Right on Jason! Whether Duane is guilty or not, by refusing the test he only raises the implication that he has something to hide. It just doesn’t look good, especially since he has a valid medical reason for any positive test results. Taking the test would have been his only chance to fully clear his name. Now he’s always going to have that shadow of a doubt associated with him. All this doping crap takes the honor out of sport, and I’ll never understand the mentality of the people who do it. I know for me I’d rather be able to live with myself (and preserve my health) then win some dumb bike race that nobody in this country really even cares about. Dopers SO suck!


May 22

7:38 pm

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This article made my hurry up and set up an account just so I could make a comment.

I forgot what I wanted to say.


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