CBR Interview: Nikki Cyp, Director Pro Support for Glencoe Grand Prix

May 27
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​Nikki Cyp is the true “Git-‘er-Done” of the Glencoe Grand Prix.  As the Director of Professional Support, Nikki works with and coordinates both the men’s and women’s professional teams and racers.  As part of the USA Crits Series and the NCC Calendar for 2014, the GGP fields the largest one day professional field in the Midwest for both men and women. On race day Nikki can also be found helping keep the entire GPP on track, and Jon and Matt looking good!  

CBR: Tell about yourself. How long have you been invoked in the sport, do you race/ride, etc.?

Nikki Cyp: I’ve been officiating in Chicago for about six years. I don’t race, but I definitely enjoy riding. I got involved with Glencoe Gran Prix as the chief judge for the first two years of the event. And then I was pulled in to work with the professionals, because I had a pretty good relationship with them when I used to cover some media at some of the bigger races. Now I am the Director of Professional Support.

CBR: Give us some background on the race?

NC: This is our seventh year. We had a long standing sponsorship with AT&T, which ended after last year. For 2014  we formed a really great partnership with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, who are our new title sponsor. It seems like a really great fit to us; they work with rehabbing, general toning, and maintaining athletes on a lot of different levels. It’s been a really great collaboration so far and I think we’re all really looking forward to having them on board for the new few years and growing with them and keeping it a little more local and really focused on some of our goals for the race. We definitely focus on our work and devotion with the Glencoe Educational Foundation. Our race is definitely for that purpose; we put it on out raise money for them and the schools in the area. Two of our new schools this year that we’re really excited about are the Sheridan Elementary School and the Kilmer Elementary School. We time our event for this time of year, because theschools are still in session. I work really closely with the pro teams and I bring them in a day or two ahead of time and we get the riders to visit the schools and talk to the students, so it’s really a full on community event for us. 

CBR: Tell us about the course -distance, what racers should expect, etc.?

NC: We have two courses: a smaller course that we run in the morning that is a little more typical of what a criterium is in Illinois.  We use it for the first five or six races of the day. There are four corners, it’s pretty flat, it’s 1.3 kilometers.[Note: Cat 5, Juniors, 45+, 30+ 4/5, HC, and kids are short course]  Then, about midday we switch over to what we call our long course. It’s a 10-corner, 2.1 kilometer loop. It includes a descent and a hill on the back side of the course that helps keep the race exciting and brings a little bit different element. We were used for the 2010 National Championship, so the course is definitely at a higher level than most of them. We work pretty closely with the neighborhoods and we’ve got full support from the community.

CBR: Tell us about sponsors. What involvement do they have in the sport?

Illinois Bone and Joint is definitely throughout the area. They’re definitely community driven. We had that with AT&T, but this year we really wanted to focus on Glencoe and the area and really show off what we have here. We’re not just a criterium race during the summer, but we’re part of the NCC calendar, and this is our third year as part of the USA Crit series. We get some national exposure, and we can really show off what makes some of our racing so great. We’ve got really strong support, we’ve got solid officials, and a really great crew that helps put this event on together. Our other sponsors include: First Bank of Highland Park, BTIG, Oppenheimer, Jefferies, 312 Brewery, Cantor Fitzgerald, Alberto’s Cycles, Barclays, Chase, and Liquidnet.



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