CBR 2014 Calendar is Updated!

Feb 24
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​The CBR calendar has been updated for 2014.  It is a work in progress.  We will update as races are announced and we get more information.  We’ll also be adding track races,  Please send us any races we’ve missed or corrections.

It is really amazing the wealth of race options in CBR’land.  There are races literally every weekend from April through July - with most weekends having multiple options depending on which direction you want to go. In addition to single-day and two-day weekends, we also have multi-day series over Memorial Day Weekend Quad Cities (May 23-26 ), Tour of the Americas Dairyland (June 19-29), Intelligentsia Cup - Prairie State Cycling Series (July 18-27) and the Staenberg Group Gateway Cup (August 29 - September 1).  And this year we have the USA Cycling Amateur Championships in Madison (July 2-6).

We encourage club sponsors and race directors to send us race preview info and post-race results, pictures, videos, etc.  We’ll post as much information as we get.



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