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Jul 28
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And here's the rest of the known reports and photos from the last seven days of Superweek. Reports are still trickling in, so I'll update this post as needed.

There's not much more I can add in regards to the racing, other than to congratulate the Chicago-area riders who won their series: Voytek Glinkowski (WDT-Allvoi) earned twice as many points as his nearest competitor in the masters 4/5's, Alex Smetana (Spidermonkey Cycling) took the 4/5's, and as previously mentioned, junior Jessi Prinner (ABD) won the women's 3/4's. I think she might have a future in this sport.

Tour of Holy Hill race reports Clint Carter (Ski Utah; 3): "There needs to be a lake at the finish of every hot bike race."

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "Got pinched on the right side, and lots of swearing with Australian accents were thrust at the rider responsible for the pinch."

Sterling Magnell (Rock Racing; P/1/2): "The race got shortened to 65 miles, totally reshaping what is typically a long race of attrition into a glorified circuit race. Adding to that the finish was unmarked from any distance until you happened upon it at the crest of a hill."

Joey Rosskopf (Kudzu; P/1/2): "It actually kind of felt like my brakes were rubbing the whole race. They weren't actually, but that's how sluggish I felt."

Adrian Silva (Half Acre Cycling; 4/5): "Soon the gaps grew, my body redlined and before I knew it there was a big one, right in front of me."

Cedarburg race reports Clint Carter (Ski Utah; 3): "The speed is up, then it's down, and everybody is riding their brakes through the turns. It makes harder."

Jason Danvir (Sugar Cycles; 3): "Coming out of the last turn I was sitting about 10 back (where I wanted for an uphill sprint) and making ground quick when my rear derailleur pulley threw my chain."

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "Alors, apres de rien de courer avance pour long temps, avec 10 tours avant de arrive, un petit group de quatre courers gagne une minute sur le peleton."

Alex Smetana (Spidermonkey Cycling; 4/5): "He clipped his pedal coming out of the turn and with some nervous grace, I slipped through the 6 or so inches between his head and the curb."

Cedarburg photos Clint Carter Extreme Photography John Wilke

Whitnall Park race reports Jason Danvir (Sugar Cycles; 3): "I felt good about my legs and managed a good move up the last climb but got pinched and was forced to give way (not crash) only to accelerate again and hold on for 13th."

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "Slowly moved up, and kept it near the jersey for the final few laps. He's a good draft, and you know he's obligated to be at the finish mix, so it works out well."

James Pradun (Endeavour; 3): "I covered more attacks than I probably should have. I finally got sick of it near the end, and the next attack that went wound up sticking. Damn."

Mike Shea (Spidermonkey Cycling; 4/5): "I really didn’t actively race this one. It felt like no one really did. I sat in. I played it safe. There were no attacks, few surges. Everyone pedaled along with an understanding."

Whitnall Park photos Extreme Photography Dana Melanz John Wilke

Racine race reports Jonathan Cantwell (Jittery Joe's; P/1/2): "Rock Racing were out to brake the field apart from the gun and to have Magnell Sterling try and form a breakaway without me in it. Again the boys did a great job and we did not let anything dangerous go up the road."

Jason Danvir (Sugar Cycles; 3): "We snaked the entire field and I was able to hold out for 3rd across the line in the field sprint. Good day!"

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "I see an opening on the inside and, chop or not, dove into it. Normal stuff. BUT! The big former jersey wearer went even further inside and I had to slam the brakes or take us both down. Dicey, at best."

Racine phoos Judith Pannozo John Rowland John Wilke

Kenosha race reports Jason Danvir (Sugar Cycles; 3): "Wreck after wreck, people cutting corners, cutting wheels, coming unclipped (cause of 2 separate wrecks) and just being ignorant. To add insult to injury they were going to the wheel pit, taking their free lap and jumping back in to cause more damage."

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "I rolled in probably with a top 10 in the field sprint, but too many breakaway mates were in the mix as well. 48 km/h. Most probably the fastest crit I've ever done/seen."

Angelo DiGiovine (Active Athlete/Squadra Ovest; 3): "I think I did some kind of Superman flying move into the metal barriers."

Sterling Magnell (Rock Racing; P/1/2): "If I run second overall in the race, I'm going to do it in style. I'm very proud of the riding I've been doing from the beginning. No one else has had more challenges come their way. I've had a target on my back the entire time and I'm stilling putting it to them every time I line up."

Matt Smith (Vitaminwater-Trek; 3): "I had plenty of spark left, and was simply waiting for a hole, waiting, waiting. Finally I had daylight to the line and I shot through."

Kenosha photos Dana Melanz John Rowland John Wilke

Downer Avenue race reports Denny Yunk (CZ Velo; 3): "Playing it safe through the corners put me at the back of the field pretty quickly. I stayed there until guys started popping off the back, requiring me to accelerate around them."

Aram Dellalian (Bearclaw; P/1/2): "Wyoming's finest, Adrian Geritts (La Grange), hit the deck hard. I was twowheels back, on the inside, and luckily he fell to the outside. I saw sparks, and jussst missed his rear wheel. Had legs, but lost the nerve to make the jump, and followed wheels to finish 11th."

Brian Morrissey (XXX Racing-AthletiCo; 4): "Just as I cracked, Chris Padfield joined the spearhead of it and off he went. I just got spit out the back like shit through a goose."

Chris Padfield (Team Pegasus; 4/5): "I was hurting, as I should be, as I accelerated out of the second turn and snapped a quick glance back. It didn't look good."

Scott Peterson (Team Wheaton; 3): "I assumed I could determine who was or wasn't going to be a problem so I threw down my money like a deep-in-the-hole drunk at a Vegas roulette table."

Downer Avenue photos Paul Matsushima Julie Pusateri John Rowland Brooks Taggert John Wilke

Whitefish Bay race reports Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's; P/1/2): "Don’t get between an Aussie and his beer!"

Sterling Magnell (Rock Racing; P/1/2): "I'm happy and disspointed at the same time. It gives me a lot of motivation to go home and work hard to improve my riding."

Whitefish Bay photos John Rowland John Wilke Runaway Wind



Jul 28

4:27 pm

Andy Garrison (Breakaway)

We want to thank everyone for an awesome Superweek! Ridership was up over 19% over last year! Our goal is to make the event better and biger every year. We also want to thank Luke Seemann who runs the best bike racing web site and blog in the United States. Luke you do a great job of getting the news out in a fair and equitable manner. You call it as you see it and we respect that. Keep up the great work!

The SuperWeek Team


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