Half Acre series in Calumet Park

Mar 2
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In an effort to fast-track some upgrades into the 4’s, Half Acre Cycling has stepped up and organized a five-day series of sanctioned racing in Calumet Park: Kevin’s Crit Series (named for Kevin Clark (Half Acre Cycling), who’s especially hot to trot out of the 5’s). It’s a great idea and should be a fantastic opportunity to shake out the winter cobwebs.

Categories for the March 23-27 races are women’s 4, juniors and men’s 4/5. The series is ridiculously affordable, $35-$50 for the entire week, or $15-$20 per day. Register for the entire week at Bikereg. Where else can one race five times for less than $50 in fees?

Driving time will be 30-45 minutes from downtown, depending on traffic. Some of you may even be able to ride there!

By taking advantage of the entire series, a Cat 5 could earn half his requirements to upgrade, and 4’s should be able to pick up some upgrade points, too, depending on finish and field size. (Consult these tables to review the USAC requirements.)

It will be no-frills racing. Think Matteson, without the glamour of a paint factory. Focus on the fundamentals and having fun. And you can count on Half Acre Cycling to bring the fun. Its cross race was the only one to serve proper waffles, after all.

Half Acre is a small team and fully staffing five days of racing is going to be a challenge. Lower- and higher-category racers alike should consider giving back to the sport by lending a hand.

The series is followed by the Spring Super Crit in South Beloit. I recommend doing both. (Indeed, if a 30-minute race has you too knackered to race the next day, perhaps you ought not be in such a rush to upgrade.) There will also an ABR crit in Kenosha, Wis., that

Saturday Sunday. Seven consecutive days of racing

hooray for spring!