Final Pave Liga Standings!

Oct 08, 2014
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​After final tabulation of points, the final standings of the Pave Liga have been announced!  And the top step on the team podium goes to xXx Racing-Athletico!  With a combination of big participation numbers across all categories, and strong results, xXx lead from start to finish.  Congrats to xXx as the Pave Liga Team Champions for 2014!

While the top spot seemed pretty locked, the rest of the standings were very close and we saw a lot of movement up and down the standings as teams solidified their final placings all the way through the final event.  Second place to EGO p/b Sammy’s Bikes and third place to Scarlet Fire Racing, both smaller roster teams who had consistently strong results throughout the season.  

More info to come and a more complete season review shortly.