Featured Team: EGO p/b Sammy’s Bikes

Apr 15
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Team Name: EGO p/b Sammy’s Bikes

Website: http://egopbsammysbikes.com/

Location: St. Charles, IL

Category: Elite Cat 1 / Cat 2; Cat 3; Women Elite

Sponsors: EGO Power+, Sammy’s Bikes, Assurance Cleaning and Restoration, Colonial Bag Corporation, Colnago Bikes, Castelli, Kaenon Eyewear 

Roster: Sean Metz , Alexander Voitik  , Eric Blankinship  , Sean Piper  , Chris Moore  , Dustin Morici  , Kyle Selph  , Tim Speciale  , Cory Brown  , Arron Hampton  , Brian Kulak  , Sven Gartner  , Matthew Stokwisz  James Snitzer  , Audrey Ernst  , Stefano Tomasello  , Brandon Berish  Danielle Smith  Jonathon Flick  

About the Team: The Sammy’s Bikes road team was founded in 2012 by Sammy Radi and Dustin Morici. In the past three years the program has doubled in size each year and in 2014 brought on a title sponsor EGO Power+ who combined the road and already successful triathlon program supported by Sammy’s Bikes. EGO Power + is a brand new line of lawn and garden equipment (Mower, String Trimmer, Blower, and Hedge Trimmer) all powered by an innovative 56 Volt lithium ion battery system. It’s a first of its kind power supply and simply re-defines the battery powered tool market. You can find more product details at http://www.egopowerplus.com and in stores exclusively at The Home Depot.

2014 Goals and Accomplishments: Regional and National EliteMen tCat 1 & Cat 2; Elite Men Cat 3; Elite Women; Joe Martin Stage Race; Tour of America’s Dairyland; Prairie State Cycling Series; Illinois Cup; The Pave Liga Team Championship; 2014 notable results: Sean Metz (1st Pro/1/2 Spring Super Crit); Alex Voitik (2nd Pro/1/2 Spring Super Crit); Danielle Smith (1st Women 3/4 Spring Super Crit)