Changes Afoot at CBR

Feb 18
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​Just a quick “what’s going on” with CBR.  As you’ve seen we’re making a few changes.  Nothing major, mostly cosmetic, trying to update and add a little visual interest to the site (no offense Luke!).  For the “Next Races” banners, Race Directors can send us 330x100 .jpg images (or take your chances and let us create them!)  We will also get back to including photos (and hopefully videos) in our posts - and as always appreciate any content or guest contributors.  

You have also seen us referring to  The concept is to provide a site focused on amateur competitive cycling.  We all read Velonews, Cycling News, Pez, etc., etc.  Which are great for professional cycling.  USA Cycling and their state sites are available and provide calendar information and some news. But amateur cycling news, race results, training rides, team news, calendar, etc. mostly comes through a patch work of bloggers and a few great regional news sites. So BikeRacing411 brings all that together in a single site. We’re getting great early support and look forward to seeing it grow and into the go-to source for amateur cycling information. 

The Pave Liga is taking shape.  We’ve been a little quiet as we work on the scoring mechanics, getting races lined up, team commitments, etc.  We have a number of announcements coming (promise!) so we’ll keep you posted.  This is going to be VERY cool.  

And finally…follow us on Twitter! We’re going to bake Twitter into how we get the word out on posts and announcements.  @chibikeracing, @bikeracing411, and @paveliga