Welcome to Chicago Bike Racing

Making the leap from rider to racer can be daunting, and it’s easy for a beginner to be intimidated by established racers. We want to help people find as much enjoyment and support from this sport as we have. Since May 2007, Chicago Bike Racing has been a resource for all bike racers in the Chicago area, from prospective and beginning bike racers to cyclists who are already experienced and accomplished.

What’s here
Chicago Bike Racing maintains directories of local teams, nearby races and area group rides. CBR’s centerpiece, however, is the blog, which tracks news about Chicago road racing.

Who’s behind this
Luke Seemann founded CBR in 2007 and continued to edit it through 2012. Since February 2013, it has been operated and edited by Pat McNally and Ralph Schroeder.

I promote a vibrant, supportive community here. You must be registered in order to comment. To create an account, go to this registration page.

What CBR covers
CBR is limited to mass-start, sanctioned road racing, because that’s what we know best. No track. No mountain biking. No alleycats. Just a little cyclocross. And “local” is defined as anything within about a four-hour drive of Chicago. That’s roughly Indianapolis to the south, Quad Cities to the west and Madison to the north, give or take.

Sponsorship is accepted on a limited basis. Send e-mail for current rates and availability.

How to help
Promoters and others should be sure to send e-mail with race information and news.

Pat McNally and Ralph Schroeder

Updated: February 2013